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"The trick to a great record is great songs."

Christopher has been writing his own songs since the age of 10 and is a passionate lover of music because it touches us in a way that nothing else can and somehow brings us all together. That love and passion for music eventually evolved into a curiosity as to how those sounds are engineered.

Learning from google and surrounding himself with talented friends, Christopher has had no formal training. He started producing and engineering records for artists in early 2012, and has been doing so full time since late 2013. Up until 2014, Christopher was working in out and out of fellow engineer's and client's bedrooms/garages with his laptop. However, that all changed when, in mid-2014, he acquired his own work space and desktop computer. Since then, Christopher has worked on numerous releases for artists Australia-wide.

Having played guitar across Australia and America with his band Belle Haven and recording 2 albums with internationally renowned Producer Matthew Goldman over the past 5 years, Christopher now spends most of his downtime between tours either writing music for his other project Better Half or engineering and mixing records.

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